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Using Social Media to Increase Sales and Brand Awareness

Companies are continuously launching marketing campaigns to help promote their logo and boost their sales. Some of they are highly successful – Carlsberg’s slogan and advertising of ‘probably the very best lager in the world’ generates excellent brand awareness and reputation. This then leads to increased sales and ultimately increased profits. However, many of these companies have large promoting budgets. What if your organization can’t afford these marketing initiatives? This is where Social media marketing also comes in. Most facebook marketing ‘tools’ cost nothing to utilize which enable it to supply the same amount of marketing exposure whether you are just starting out or really are a giant conglomerate. This article explains how you can use social media to increase sales at the relatively affordable.

Firstly, let’s just dispel the myth that social media marketing does not lead to a direct surge in sales. Here are some examples to prove this: Sony announced in February that through Twitter they’d earned a supplementary £1million in sales, Dell announced in June last year that their presence on Twitter taken into account $3 million dollars surge in sales. You might reason that these are two big companies plus they already have a brand name reputation. However, other smaller companies in addition have experienced increased sales through this type of marketing. John Fluevog Boots & Shoes Ltd, a little shoe making company in Canada, reported a 40% rise in sales in 2009, the same year it started social media, this was not by accident.

So how do social media help with increased sales for your organization? Social media tools allow you usage of millions of people. A television advert will attain the sightseeing during those times and allows for no interaction with the consumer. One tweet can reach thousands of people. Sainsbury’s as an example regularly tweet their latest offers. Anyone looking to match these could simply follow Sainsbury’s on Twitter. This gives a lot bigger potential client base and enables sales to raise, whilst also creating brand awareness. Furthermore, people can respond to these tweets, which provides a forum for customer interaction and therefore customer insight. Your business can emulate this, tweeting your promotions provides free advertising. If this is done creatively, it really can boost sales and get your company noticed.

Social media marketing works in a similar way with forms of promoting; it can be viral. A small company initially creates anything of mouth basis, people tell their friends. This type of promoting, especially Twitter and Facebook, work with the ‘friend’ concept. People can present you with positive reviews, recommend your products or services and tweet about your business. This whole social community allows your organization’s name and brand to become viewed by a tremendous amount of men and women. Continuous usage of social media marketing after a while creates brand awareness and so helps to improve sales. One of our clients, PeachorLemon, a vehicle review website, gained over one hundred followers on Twitter in just a week. This is a hundred more and more people who learn about promotions and will be offering, may tell their friends, check out the website or use other social media marketing outlets to cover PeachorLemon. All this creates brand awareness and as time passes increased utilization of the website, thus increasing its value.

The effect social media can have on brand awareness is crucial in the future of small business owners marketing strategy. Brand awareness is simply one manner in which sales are increased, there are many other important contributing factors. However, because this article has demonstrated, creating brand awareness through this new exiting variation of marketing may have a huge impact on your company and revenues.